The Grenada. A Ford I think. Doesn’t matter, we had so much fun in it. We went everywhere. We partied at VCU, VUU, and VSU! Those were the days. Free, free from the pull of opinion. Free to laugh and drink and laugh some more. Out all night on Fridays, only to do it again […]


At a loss A gain A beautiful theme Change Change it up Move the story line back Up Ahead Not knowing the next line Whether if it rhymes or not Fleeting words Mindful Mindful A handful of newness Thematic twists Caught between was and is Then Now or never Seasons and time move rapidly Where […]

A Wednesday

I walked past the house of the woman who watched over me after school. I loved Wednesdays because I could spend time with my grandmother on her day off from Miller & Rhoads. To any white person living in Richmond during those years, my grandmother was probably just another store clerk working in “Interiors.” To […]


“Eat your squash!” “I don’t like it.” “Eat that squash or you gon git a beatin.” He contemplated the terror of her belt, and the more terrifying experience of eating the strange vegetable, and decided to take a good ole fashioned whipping. From the summer series “Native City,” published on Medium.