How Does it Feel When Your Dreams Come True?

My book was released today on Amazon and I am thrilled. That feeling of accomplishment you have when you finish something, when you see it from the beginning to the end. The meticulous attention given to it. The hours you put into it. The thrill of waiting for that day to arrive. Like, I couldn’t even fathom this a few years ago. To see it form into something, from a few words, to a few poems and then an entire book of poetry and prose and private thoughts. My heart and soul is in this very first book I’ve ever written. I have this indescribable, giddy, mischievous, dream statey, vibe going on. Like I feel so gratified and bold. I want to walk into a room and announce my arrival by saying “Bow down peasants, I’m published!” If this is fuel for my life, I’ll take it. I will use it and continue at 150 kph on the writer’s autobahn! I will revel in this moment for awhile and then get back in the lab (never left anyway) and finish the second book, and the third, fourth and more and more and more. 2015 will be the biggest writing year I’ve ever had. I’m not even sure what I should do right now. Chill with wine and ponder random thoughts? Pop some bubbly? Eat a gigantic slice of German Chocolate Cake? I have goosebumps outside and inside. Wait, are guys supposed to have goosebumps? Ohhhhh no no no, scratch that!!!!!! I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like riding in a convertible with sunglasses on and a slender cigarette with an ascot on. It’s like that day when everything happens for you perfectly. You go to places (like “Cheers”) where everyone knows your name. The barista at your favorite coffee spot has your drink ready for your as you walk in, doors are opened and held for you across the city, celebrities ask for YOUR autograph, paparazzi try to follow you to get that great shot, TMZ shuts down all other reporting to wait for your next move, priests come to you for confession, Dan Snyder asks you what he should do during the free agency period, POTUS and FLOTUS wonder if they can spend the night at my studio, SXSW wants to rename their festival after me, when I go to my favorite restaurant the waiters tip me…..gosh I could go on and on with this. My hour of obnoxiouness I guess.

For right now though, this moment in time, this feeling of “I did it” will rule my day. I want to talk to my mom and daughter, my family and my close friends from high school. I want to see the people from high school that new of my creative potential to say “hey I did it.” It’s not about approval, it’s about sharing, about bringing people along on this journey with me. This pursuit isn’t even about massive royalties either, but about the dream. I am published. I am an author. I am a writer. Wow, is all I can say. Shock is all I know.


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