First Camera

Saving for the best using my grocery clerk vest

Sixteen candles to blow out

Priorities of an entrepreneurial unknown

No car

No phone

Revolution speaks through the lens

Layaway phase during school days

Unofficial paparazzi on campus

Hip hop historian

Black Victorian

Memory catcher and telephoto flamethrower

Minolta in the midst of an auto focus frenzy

First base and laced with sheer shutter ecstasy

ISOlated incidents and hints of a black renaissance

Revival of the black arts in part due to Maxxum efficiency

Seven thousand chances to advance automatically

Tactfully situated between a James River rock and a hard place

Easy now

The Forest Hills spill over with frames of fun

Closing the back door sounds like home

Strapped in for life

Macro to the touch

Feeling the depth in each field of dreams

A stop here, a stop there

Plus or minus

Still shot catalogs etched in time

Photo rhymes

First camera, first love

Doves cry at the release of copyrighted images

Flower child wallowing in the wild of a picture

Full frames of friends on teenage binges

The lens talks and waits

Recordings of fate

Multiple frames per second perplex the mind

Battery low

Time to rewind


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