The Ice Above

I swim in circles for miles in a straight line

I now it’s time to recognize that there is no time

Breaths fall in number

This arctic shelf of mine

No one can hear the calls for help

Selfish with the gifts of a lifetime

I swim foolishly to the top but my feet still touch the bottom

No cracks in the ice precisely

The demise of dreams kept to self

Embedded with the oxygen of a generation

I charge the ice with all my vices

Still no breakthrough

My energy floats to the top of never and colors the ceiling

The coldness of life stares back coldly

So immersed that I cannot tell if this is a lake or sea

Washed over and over again by the river

Blocks away from home

Shivering at the thought of lifelong failure

The sun does not exist in this world of cloudiness

The ice above keeps me currently in familiarity

Despair robs me of the present day

Or is it night?

My power source fades

Another swim to the top yields a blank

Floating into a faint

The ice above me


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