When Need Hits

There is a moment in time when you must sit still. When thoughts are able to catch up with you. A moment when need hits. To acknowledge need is the place to be. The need that maybe no one else can fulfill. Could this be a moment for prayer? Higher power and higher purposes. Meditation? Moments to gather self and look up from holding your head down. I don’t know the answers, because all I have is a need to be satisfied within. Weeks and weeks of bending over backwards and giving my all to a cause that is not in alignment with my destiny. Or could it be? Is it a part of the great plan? Who knows, all I know is I have a need. The cool air from the fan refreshes me some. The shower was nice. The oil on my skin. I sit here and wonder. I type and gripe. I think and try to figure it all out. The doubt. The energy given to capturing all the quiet that surrounds me at this moment. I need. I need.


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