Fire Alone

So, what happened? High on myself and excited about my new journey in life. New scenery all around me. New love, and new experiences. Changing right before and everyone else’s eyes. I was finally leaving the caterpillar stage to become the handsome and free butterfly. But, the flame went out-again. Again you ask? Yes again. I thought long and hard about myself today and felt like old habits and hangups were returning. The things I thought I’d conquered were at my door again. Food, loathing, worry, anxiety. What happened to me? In my self evaluting stage this evening I realized that the fire inside me, inside us, can’t sustain itself. It has to be stoked. It has to be be nurtured and added to. I was essentially riding on the fire from yesterday. The coal ran low. Dust gathered upon the iron. The room (my heart, or creative faculties) grew cold. The fire found itself alone and died out. It became dark. The light returned at the moment I began to sense something was wrong. The room started to warm a little. Inspiration and faith showed up at the door. My eyes left the ground for higher places. Each tap of the keyboard represents coal added to the furnace. Determination is my match. My fluid. The flame lifts itself higher and higher. It’s hot and yellow. Red and orange. I am alive. I am deliberate. I am a fire-starter. 

By Michael A. Moss

All Rights Reserved. Property of Escape Indie  


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