The Day Within

Beautiful and perfect outside

79 degrees

Pleasing to the eye

Sunny and endearing

How does one grab the energy of the world seen?

Need hits home

A disturbance is felt inside

Tremors and more

The nervousness of a generation balled up inside

Thermonuclear emotions and bouts of despair

Daring the self to smile

Storms brew like bad batches of emptiness

The heart doesn’t rest

Delays in relaying

Missing scribe

Gray skies at the fingertips of how


Feeling liable without a title

No particular place to go

No place to flow

Looking for the sun-drenched spaces of the mind

Summer fades again like last year

The one before

The one before

The heart begins to shed its leaves

Someone capture ths day in a jar

Bring it home

What kind of day is this?

Translations to be determined

Written by Michael Moss for Escape Indie


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