My Second Anniversary 

Hi. Not one to go deep and personal on FB but I need to on this one. Sometimes you get frustrated with being nice to people and doing things in “order.” I love this terrific woman and it’s our two year anniversary. I must respect her privacy but I also need to let the world know how much I love her. This note is about love and frustration. I want to move on with my life with no dark clouds to speak of. I’m happy but not as prepared as I should be. A person has to wrap up the loose ends, sell the old house before moving into or purchasing the next one. Yes, I’m talking in riddles so to speak. My family knows what I mean. I just want to move on. Life is too short for dumb stuff. It’s supposed to be easier than this. I wasn’t looking for love and it smacked me in the face. I’ve made so many strides in the last few years but one heavy burden remains. Nevertheless I can’t keep hiding my love and plans just to make others happy or to keep from rocking the boat. To hell with safe living. Bring on the passion and real life. I can’t help it if someone has given me everything I need and you couldn’t. Prayers and support welcomed. Advice too! Sorry Angela, but not sorry. I love you woman.


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