The Little Things/The Small Beginning of Things

Well, I made up the title to this post but I have no idea where it will go. I decided that this year would not be a success if it looked anything like the previous year. It’s 2016 and I want to change the little things, doing chores around the house instead of putting them off, being dressed everyday instead of having pajama days (even if I was writing). This year is about what I need, what will propel me and my family and community, forward. This new year of 2016 is about me, so it can be about everyone else. This year is about small changes and self-self esteem, self awareness, self preservation. I still have a recurring thought in my head: “Don’t despise small beginnings.” I won’t anymore. I just will not deny myself the pleasure of accomplishments no matter how small. They actually aren’t small but huge in the game of life. When my significant other asks me to do something or says we need to go here or there, it’s no longer brushed off. It’s at the front of my mind. It’s a priority. So, I can’t waste another minute or another hour or day. Life is too precious and our lives should be useful or of use. My time can no longer be thrown away as if I’ll always have it. No, on the contrary, I need to squeeze every ounce of opportunity from every moment, every opportunity. Yeah, I said opportunity twice in the last sentence. The thing that pains me most is not admitting that I have a calling, and not training and building myself accordingly. And I will mention the fear thing. Our dreams sit right in front of us. When we walk down the street our dreams are standing up against the wall of a building eating ice cream wondering when we’ll join in. There are too many resources in the world to not be successful and live a life of passion. More importantly, what’s deep down inside of us, the constant day dreaming, the fantasies, the stories, are all ready to propel us forward so we can live a fulfilled life. 

It’s those small changes, whether with food, drink or pursuits that give us confidence. It’s the building process, the strengthening of our souls, that makes life so sweet. When you discover the real you, the genuine article, is when the world becomes a better place. From our lift-off, our springing into action and waking fully up, our homes and communities, the worlds of art become amazingly better.

Have fun, be yourself, I need you, and I hope you need me. And when I’m needed, I hope I can deliver because I’m on my path to the larger scope of things because I had some small-thing victories. 

Happy New Year again and again!

Mike Moss, Founder, Escape: Indie 


One thought on “The Little Things/The Small Beginning of Things

  1. Fear will always keep you down. It is great that you are stepping out with confidence despite the fear! I too believe that life is built on small changes which in turn will bring about great rewards. Happy New Year to you!

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