2016 Pursuits

Keeping all my projects in front of me, close by so they won’t fall by the wayside. I’m not happy about the way I treated 2015. I slept more than I should, had too many of those “stay in my pajamas” days, and was down on myself because shit wasn’t going the way I thought it should. That’s one of my problems. Thoughts don’t do it. Doing it does it. How profound, and yet really, really simple. I only released one book last year and that’s not good enough. Life is too short for that “just enough” crap. It’s time to be fully me and be fully committed to the purpose, the path I’ve had since birth, and the realization that I was a creative at the age of 16 (billions of years ago). 

So, I think it’s time I get my time/project management thing together. My family and my community needs me to tell these stories I have all bottled up inside. I’m excited about the writing I’ll turn out, and the other stuff I’m planning, and researching at this moment. Gosh, I have new life again. It’s awesome when you discover you. All I need is what I do (and lattes and shit like that). 


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