Deep Snow, Bright Sun

Deep Snow, Bright Sun
The sun shone through the blinds. It lit up the entire sky after its hibernation period. The sun did not however, reveal how deep the snow was.

The outside became its own fortress. Two feet of snow leaning against the front door. Combative, and cold, the snow stared at me and dared that I risk the venture. Not knowing where to start I decided to get evidence of how deep and dastardly the snow was. The sun, bright and delightful was having banter with the blue, blue sky. It was them against me. Armed with my iPhone 6S, and a shovel with a broken handle, I descended upon the snow and gave the sun a steely stare. I put one foot in front of the other and the snow came up to my knee. Then I stuck the shovel in the snow, dealing it the first decisive blow. Then, in the middle of writing this, my other half begins to watch a video of a famous televangelist and I could no longer concentrate. My stomach started to feel some kind of way. A sickly feeling came over me. The last several years of my life have been spent running away from such people. Should I listen? Could I ever listen to them again? Why should I? Why would I? As of right now this story, with lots of wintertime potential, had lots of potential, but now I’m afraid the wheels have come off. Thrown into a tizzy no snow could ever do to me, I now struggle with whether to keep going, or to go prepare oatmeal. Oatmeal it is…

The oatmeal didn’t happen, but chai tea with a little almond milk did. Now several hours later, a second trip outside to shovel snow, and a second cup of chai tea, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to write when I got this idea. Deep snow piles are still outside. The sun has set. It’s cold outside, cold enough for oatmeal.


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