Waking in the wee hours to the quiet instead of riots in the mind. This can be the momentum for the day. Quiet momentum, a moving force. Nerves are squashed and anxiety takes leave. Control revisits and stays for the day. No yesterday. No tomorrow. Only this moment right now. That quiet morning time stuff. Dark, and serene. Famous in your own mind. Your world to do art in. Just after four in the morning. Snow is on the way. Just a few inches to gather excitement. Grocery stores will have higher revenue today. Light appears. The television is on mute. CBS looks great because of Gayle and Nora. Professional, driven and strong, beautiful and sexy. Rainy. Sleet maybe. Time for coffee. Time for writing. Time for getting rid of the extra baggage. Cutting the fat today is a start in the right direction. Check the time you’re in. Check the rhyme you’re in. We are in the midst of a story. Our wave waits. It’s so quiet just after four a.m.


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