I Just Wanna 

I just wanna write and drink lattes
I just wanna take photos with a Canon AE-1 or Rolleiflex 
Fuck till I’m satisfied and then some more and just a little bit more

I wanna get lost in Singapore or some remote village in Spain

I just wanna get a cover up tattoo and the ink dreams are made of

Be vegetarian and shit like that 

Walk around without the anxiety of yesterday 


I just wanna do art and give back to the village

Learn new languages and customs

Collaborate on a screenplay all day

I just wanna push through all the fucking hurdles that won’t leave me alone

I just wanna scream at the top of my lungs and here the healing echo

I wanna do instead of do not 

I just wanna buy an expensive ass journal to write in while ignoring people

Have quiet time

Loud occasions because she’s screaming for more

I just wanna do so much shit and I’m afraid I won’t be able to

I just wanna live in the moment and make fear my bitch

I just wanna

You understand this right?


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