“Disappear” from my upcoming poetry book called “Gray”


Looking back to see who’s behind you

No one has a clue what you’re about to do

In lieu of what’s due

This is a ruse

What should you choose?

The road of runaways looks inviting

Right now the heart is inciting a riot of restlessness

No money worries, just the sun

A backpack full of healthy snacks

Coffee packs fill the top pouch

Twenty mile treks become infectious

More please

Without a trace in haste

The face of happiness walking a desolate trail

An act of disappearance

An act of treason

Leaving and never coming back

No more noise

No more lack

The wilderness life just in time

Silent rhymes to self

Great outdoors wealth

Living on the land as a Native would

Connecting with the spirit of those days

Some new name like Ebony Cloud

Thundering herds can be heard from miles away

There is no detecting the location of new life

No weight

No strife

Living amongst the trees

No more crawling or begging on knees


Oceans and no thoughts of promotions

Retired from races not intended for the soul

Everlasting life in the forests of my making

Taking fresh air by the lake

A new cabin high in the rocks

A treehouse vacation home just down the trail

No suits

No ties

No ties to the new world

Ink and parchments

Listen to the lark sing

Hand made soaps and dope lyrics in the journal

This feels like it’s eternal

They wonder where the soul wandered off to

No letter

No clues

Just missing essentials

The ability to choose

Disappear in the midst of it all

By Michael Moss, for Escape: Indie


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