My Thoughts on Nina Simone Movie

Before I say anything about Nina Simone I should probably dig deep into her life and watch the documentary about her. As a matter of fact that’s what I’ll do after writing this (I know I’m taking a chance here). There is a lot of controversy about Zoe Saldana playing the part of Nina Simone. I noticed from the movie still that they obviously darkened her skin for the role. So, for me this is red flag number one, or just a red flag. I love Zoe, can’t wait to see if there will ever be a Columbiana 2. Well, I wonder what the thought process was for casting this movie. Nina Simone was an activist and imagine what her life was like in her era as a dark-skinned black woman. Hell, dark skinned women and people catch hell today! I totally understand why people would get upset at Zoe portraying Nina. My first reaction to finding out that Ms. Saldana was playing the part was it doesn’t make sense. I pictured the slender, lighter brown skinned woman, against the features of Ms. Simone. How? Why? Who hates black, or African features that it should turn into a costume for a role? The hatred may not all be directed at Zoe Saldana, it’s more like black people wondering what’s wrong with darker shades. This is reminiscent of old movies casting Caucasian actors for Native American and biblical roles. Oh wait, that still happens. I’m upset that this is happening right in front of our faces. Like, this movie was green lit and it happened. I just don’t understand. What’s so wrong with women who look like Nina Simone? Okay, that’s all. 


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