Words to the Rescue

Soooooo, when I am stressed or filled with some kind of anxiety, I retreat to the pad (notepad, iPad, iPhone) for a tussle with words. A story. A journal entry. I hate when I’m feeling like I do now because I don’t know what could cause me to be so deeply sad with a situation I don’t have to be sad about. I kind of let things run amok instead of being vocal about it. Thank god for words. I am so grateful for stories and the ability to escape into fantasy. I need it so bad. I feel so alone right now and all I can do is write and pray. Pray and then write. Gosh, life has so many unexpected turns. You’re all in, and then you doubt yourself and your standing. Sometimes you know when you need to get away to a retreat by yourself, or take a road trip. The most important thing ever is taking care of self. We have to give, but when you give too much emotionally, physically, it can be dangerous. No one can afford to carry the world on their shoulders. I need to stop and breathe.


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