March Sadness

How? When? Where? Why? How? How did this happen? I used to live for hoops (the NBA and college). Now I could care less about either of them. Maybe for the sake of keeping up with sports news, and conversations about trades etc. By the by, I can’t watch baseball during the regular season. If I do watch, it’s during the League series and World Series. But anyway, I remember being able to watch the NBA all day on a Sunday and college hoops on Saturday. Then I lost the fire of the pro level. Maybe I started slowly falling away after MJ left, or when the NBA left NBC for ABC. I do remember thinking to myself, this is weird, for pro basketball to not be on NBC, with Hannah and them. I’ve seen more of the Finals than regular season for a long time now. I also used to watch and follow college hoops all season, fill out my bracket for The Dance, and paid close attention to the controversy every year of who got in and who didn’t. When I turn on the radio I can tell nothing has changed and it never will. Why talk about it? Now, I just don’t care what happens in the basketball world. I need answers-not really. The last line of defense for me is the NFL. I’m all in pretty much. Oh, and Wimbledon, The U.S. Open, a little bit of the World Cup every four years, and oh, since Tiger hasn’t been around much, I don’t really watch. I remember seeing him win the Masters in 97 maybe? It was so cool. Hadn’t watched golf before that, but then I really got interested. My how life and times change. Gotta go. 


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