Artists and the Lab

Maxwell and the Journey of the Urban Hang Suite Album
“Urban Hang Suite” was released twenty years ago today. The article above talks about Maxwell’s journey to get the album done and a little history about his life before the album. He worked at a coffee shop till 3am and had to be up for school by 6 I think, but he was constantly writing songs, and had about 300 of them.

So, what I gleam from this article is that artists of all kind always have a personal lab in which they, we, all are cooking up our art and creativity. We are experimenting and changing the scene of our art. We are challenging ourselves in the middle of the night or maybe we’re in front of everyone. Nevertheless, we are dabbling in creative chemistry, taking notes, rubbing our hands together while simultaneously hunched over with a sinister laugh. This describes us. The world doesn’t know how much we lose sleep, write, draw, choreograph, and edit in the middle of the night; and drift off into our utopian world of art. Okay, enjoy your Saturday and keep working. 


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