Purple Donuts

Ten thousand lakes I’ve never seen
Tomorrow and the scene affectionately called and everyone dances 
A purple haze hovers from the ceiling to the bottom of a poster
Study hard seeks my attention and is a part of my growth stunts 
Her nipples show through the college tee
Back to the purple reign showering all of my sixteen candles
She says take me with you but I don’t have a license 
The bud pops and burns because it takes a village to smoke it all
Uncles and aunts steer us in the wrong direction and rightfully so on and so on
Automatically I ask if she likes purple donuts 
The pregnancy wasn’t breach but the position was abstract 
Obsessed with a color not introduced by me
The buttons on her jeans won’t come off easily
Loose and wild with bad intentions 
Shooting sex scenes in paisley jeans
Sexy dancers wanna be my lover
Six pence of vanity can drive you wild if not careful 
Beads at the door way is a foray unto symbols 
How does one decide on living a pop life without controversy 
Seventeen days to make a love deadline
Reformist meditation about a noon rendezvous 
This is a crush to be grooved to
Skipping mass transport in hopes of being taken by a lady cab driver
“Taxi taxi”
The room would be dark but for the purple light 

From the poetry book Half Full of Empty” by Michael A. Moss


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