Spectator Blues

I wish I could hold time in my hand and make it stand still

Still there is the question of what to do next

What to do at all

I wish I could freeze time and put it away in my drawer

Until I figure it all out

Then, I could release time again while I do the things I’ve figured out

When I need time to stop again, I’d put it away

If I could have my way with time I’d forget about the spectator blues

The feeling of a life that’s passed me by

The blues of how and why

The blues of why I hide

Watching the world from the safety of the sideline

Beating myself up for not jumping into the fray

So I stay in my cove of security

I watch the realm of frames of my life as they play

Past, present and future sing in harmony as I take part in nervous behaviors 

Lost in failings and mistakes instead of life’s labor

I don’t want to participate in the spectator blues

If the two are separate then I can choose

Being a spectator

Or listening to the blues

By Michael A. Moss

Written for Escape: Indie, 2016


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