The Struggle to be Comfortably Flawed 

The anxiety bounces from my mind to the ceiling and back again

Again and again it knows no quitting 

She lays beside me with no clue of my blues 

The wiring from birth must be checked 

An upgrade is due in part on my inner parts

The heart

Scars show themselves without worry

The struggle to rise above the floors of ice make me cold

Comfort was stolen from me as I slept in youthful arrogance 

Wisdom walked away and didn’t look back

Caution hit the wind and slapped me back 

The bookshelf of worry is full 

Overdue pages at the expense of wasted time

I became a model of what?

Fighting myself and the ego of anger lingering 

Fingering suspects in the lineup of life

Blaming them and me

Since two or three

Hurt abounds and sounds familiar 

Booze or sleep?

I have no answer for the restlessness 

Best I guess, to go about my night being alright 

There is a struggle though to be comfortable with these amazing flaws 


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