Seeing it Through

To accomplish even the smallest thing, to finish something that you started, this is fulfillment. It is satisfaction at the basic level and beyond, to the highest levels. There is a smile inside that reveals itself outside when you finish a project. I’m happy. I’m excited about what’s next. It doesn’t matter how many people read my words (as long as mom reads it). What matters is my pursuits are nearer than they’ve ever been. My calling has formed around me like it never has. I’m settling into the writers chair like I never thought I could. Life gave me lemons and I watched the lemons roll around and do whatever they wanted until I decided to make lemonade. I could be further along but why cry over stale Oreos? I’m grateful to find a happy place in my life. I will grab onto this medium, this zone and will not let go. This is good, yes, seeing this thing through is good. 


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