A New Book in the Works

This is from the upcoming book “Kinda Like Stories…Maybe.”

Ready Reddy

This lady sang the blues but wasn’t a blues singer. Her name was Reddy Fats. She had tats of instruments and notes and harmony. She was bound to be, someone who changed the weather wherever she planted herself. 

Asked whether she was ready to hit the streets on a beautiful spring day, Reddy Fats said yes to that. Her and her best friend since way back when did the usual. They got coffee and a pastry, people watched, checked the Apple Watch, made eye contact in spots and then they got in the Mini Countryman and drove to fun. They shopped, flirted, and changed the atmosphere. Reddy made the rain fall, at a new outside mall. She then caused a spring time breeze because she saw a string of sad kite owners who had no wind in their personal sails. She caused an uproar in the sky. Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, beige, tan, black, filled the once empty blue sky. Whenever Reddy changed the weather she sang the blues, but she wasn’t a blues singer.  


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