The Quest to Annihilate Black Men

I write this with sadness and anger. How many more times can I watch the video of cops in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis take the lives of black men. In full view, with license, with prejudice. I hope there are conversations happening in the homes of black Americans, especially those with sons. Our forerunners migrated from the Deep South to avoid lynchings and other ways of being murdered only to have to be herded into the inner cities and lose their lives at the hands of white messengers with guns. Badge wearing white men, sworn to protect their own interests while taking part in the annihilation of black men. This is sickening and so obvious to black Americans but not to white america or the GOP and conservatives. Donald Trump is worried about the Clinton emails, but instead should address the issues with officers gunning down black men who are going about their everyday lives. Why is Alton Sterling’s police record plastered all over the news? He was doing what black men do, especially in this country, and that is being an entrepreneur. Selling items or not, he didn’t need to lose his life this way. What about the options for officers in this situation? Using a taser maybe, waiting for assistance, handcuffing him and sitting him on the ground or in the police unit until everyone is calm. Any of these options beat murder. This was murder in cold blood. The officers and department will sing the same old song. They will say they feared for their lives. That’s what white people do when it comes to interacting with black folks. 

Black people in this country can only rely on other black people. We are all we have. Police officers don’t work for us, they work, serve, honor and protect white america. Any random white person can call the police to question or arrest any random black person. Caucasians tell on us all the time. They think it’s their duty to keep things in order. So between law enforcement, the conversative government and GOP, and so called God fearing white citizens, things have never changed. Black people are still public enemy number one. There is a nasty jealousy and fear when it comes to the glorious black man. I guess since they all know we are lost kings, they are intimidated and afraid of our power. What is going on in the heads of Mr. Sterling’s children, namely the son who broke down in tears during a press conference? How will he cope? How does he feel about this and how can he move on without being angry? I feel for Mr. Sterling’s children. We lose Mr. Sterling only to travel far north and find out Philando Castile had been shot in front of his girlfriend and her daughter. The young lady, Ms. Reynolds was brave to make a video for the world to see. Black people endure so much pain at the hand of the system, the old powers that be. She has to watch her boyfriend suffer from the gunshot wounds and then die. She is right next to him but can’t move. Powerless. Stripped of her right to care because she may also lose her life. 

Black America is reaching its boiling point. How long can we keep cool heads before we explode in anger. The black man on the street and the professional athlete is under the threat of annihilation. We must use every resource at our disposal. The only ones we have are family, our village, love and church. Not the we are all one type of mentality that lots of churches and Christians have, but the churches that face reality and realize that true community happens when everyone is safe. Prayer is necessary and so is faith, but you have to have strategies in order to live. White boys don’t have to worry about leaving their homes, driving (with or without a busted tail light), and returning home safely. It’s automatic to them. Black guys have to outwit their environment daily just to make it back home alive. As a community, we must be vigilante and do things differently. More videos captured, more standing with strangers when they are pulled over, more surveillance on the ones who like to do the serveilling. 

I send my love to both families. You are in my prayers. I’m angry with you. 

Michael A. Moss, 

Escape: Indie


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