The Drive to Autumn

The Drive to AutumnChapter 1: The Drive

It wasn’t until he moved to Rhetorical, USA that he realized there was a familiarity to his surroundings. His new home reminded him of where he grew up. He spent his adult years trying to get away from that southern type of life, only to find it three hours north. Hills, autumn, the slower pace. He found home close to the mountains and was warmed with the contentment of feeling tucked away. This new town was his blanket of security.

Chapter 2: Surroundings

Rhetorical was in its peak foliage season and coffee shops were scrambling to keep inventory of community coffee favorites and pastries. Cake and coffee was a big thing in Rhetorical, and so was taking a nice stroll amongst the scattered leaves. Nothing like holding a hot cup of coffee and that heat running from your hands to the rest of your cold bones. Typical Fall days with only a few weeks till Thanksgiving, ruled. These new surroundings were the best thing to happen to him in a long time.

Chapter 3: Home Work

The new Rhetorical resident decided to work from home on a Friday. As he plunged into the article he was working on for his company, Writers Work Here, one small box of very personal belongings was still unpacked. The resident put his keyboard aside and walked over to what he called “the nostalgia box.” There were old photos from the 80’s and 90’s, some unprocessed film, military ID tags, books he read as a kid, and random paperwork. He sat on the floor, leaning against the wall and began to flip through the photos. After that, he started on his work again.

Chapter 4: After Work

The resident looked at the clock and decided to hit the clock, figuratively, or as a matter of speaking, or not literally clocking out, but in his mind, leaving work, or the focus of the duties of his job. The resident put work behind him and now, in his apartment, it was after work. He hadn’t met anyone in Rhetorical and wondered what he would do on the day before Saturday. The universe was rampant with possibilities but he could not choose. Wine, coffee, conversations with strangers, shopping, or more writing; writing on the short story that had been put into the next up list, only to find it pushed back again and again. He couldn’t decide, so he didn’t do anything-but stare at the wall.

Chapter 5: Day by Day

The new citizen had two awakenings on Saturday morning. One was when he woke up after midnight, and then his regular wake time. The sun sent rays through the new blinds and then would play hide and seek with the gray skies. Partly sunny, partly cloudy, fully joyful. His feet touched the new rug placed strategically on the freshly stained wood floors. The smell of progress was in his nostrils, and day by day he knew and grew. Stretching and waking up fully, he stuffed the coffee-press with Guatemalan ground and lived a little.

Chapter 6: Dinner Date

Chinese? Indian? Soul Food? Grocery store run? It’s Saturday night, yeahhhhh. Time to party. The citizen flipped through Apple TV and chose three shows or movies to decide from. Back to the menus, he decided to call in an order to Big Etta’s soul food spot. He ordered pork chops and grits, cornbread, french toast, bacon and a few fried chicken wings. He picked up some ginger beer from the supermarket and picked up his order in 30 minutes. Arriving back in the swanky and small, but somewhat larger than a studio apartment, he scrapped his three viewing choices and went with Game of Thrones. He knew the second time around would be just as good.

Chapter 7: The Last First Day

“Dessert for breakfast?” It can be done. A quick trip to the supermarket and I can get a sweet potato pie, and some ice cream. Maybe some Oreos too, just to add a topping on top of the topping. This cardigan will do, keys, wallet, phone. Driving in autumn is awesome. These falling leaves, the gray skies, the temperatures and her own temperament, doing whatever she wants to do. This is the church I attend on Sunday’s, everyday. The church of harmony, peace love and safety. The church of healing from an Unseen One far, far above the visible and tangible sky. I soak up a stream of sunlight through the clouds while I can and am grateful of the presence of creation. Thoughts of the rings around Saturn, a ring on my hand, thoughts of love from the beginning and forever.

Back to the dwelling. No football, no media, just the comfort of quiet, the serenity of a moment in time owned by me. Time for myself, paid for with blood. “Yeah,” is what I say, nodding with confidence. Secluded until needed, covered with the energy of learning from the past. The drive to this autumnal place is where I park, in stark contrast to something else I can’t name.

The End

Concocted and Written by Michael A. Moss for Escape:indie, 2016

All Rights Reserved

This material cannot be copied, reproduced, edited or used without consent.

This is the intellectual property of Michael A. Moss, Founder of Escape:indie.


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