Let it Be Known 

Don’t hold it in
Let it out B
From the basement make your statement 
Let it be known so you can get your healing 
Enough has been stolen from you 
Let that shit be known 
Be free and reduce the pain
Be the sunshine in rain and don’t hold it in
Lose some friends
Lose a promotion
Let that shit be known
Cause a commotion and be the uproar 
Don’t store it inside
Keep your soul chest for laughter 
Or rather make room for the good
To hell with that shit
Let that shit be known 
Avoid inner decay and don’t stay in that same place
Your humanness is heavy enough
Your blackness is attacked all the time
No time for silly rhymes
Let it be known
Get it off your chest
Lest you carry morsels of negative matter
Opinions don’t matter
Don’t hold back
Throw darts back at the opposers 
So that
You can let them know that you lettin’ it be known
Keep them in the know or not
Don’t let it sit there and rot
Let it be known
Draw and paint
Change up your position as a saint
Dance, dance and dance again
Write the words down and live it up
Let it be known
Written for Escape: Indie by Michael A. Moss, All Rights Reserved, 2016


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