When Shadows Grow

Dusk approaches and looms over the groves of a heart rejected

Infected and selected by no one

Kept at arms length for the extended versions

Diversions spin the soul around and around 

Dizziness ensues and there is another false start

Heart issues clog the psyche 

Where does one go or live?

Nomads gather in a place alone

Solo and no place to go but to the next one

Exits are aplenty

Stints in vintage memory books book the month of December 

The reason why comes up each time journals flip open

Colorful intentions of inventions can’t seem to break the need

Fast forward to now and the question is still how

Deciding on a planet to settle on


Fear of the increasing shadows and predictions of doom

Nightfall and shouts of help

Addictions are fed up with the usual

Pride is in denial of the back talk

Thoughts stalk the rest of the day

Night too

Clues lead up to the banished look of an anxious slave

Never wanting to stay

Never wanting to stay

Never wanting to stay in the increasing shadows

By Michael A. Moss for Escape: Indie, 2016, All Rights Reserved 


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