Sweet Tea. A Fan. Solace.

Caught in a tide of full-circle flow. He ended up back in the southern town he tried to get away from. Summer had finally arrived. The Solstice was official. Humidity hit the porch on schedule. He had time, a book, and a tall glass of cold sweet tea. He looked at the sky. He looked […]


There he sat. So still. Spiritually nauseous. It was the only time in his life where he couldn’t explain what he was feeling. He ached. His heart longed for something. His mind skipped, and skipped. He was sinking. Drowning. He lost something. His life was stalled. Food was his best friend. Weight kept him company. […]

The Day After

He lay there. He stared a hole through the ceiling. The sting of rejection followed him around the day before. Midnight had arrived. No, it was two minutes after. It was a new day. A day to move forward and empty out all the images of dads and sons into the bin of healing. It […]