Stolen Holidays

Imposters Posters in their homes Traditional and fictional poses Smiles cover up a cover up Yup False claims and longer stares in the bathroom mirror Imaginative images, but no vintage ones Lies Summers along creeks Hoops Eats Enough uncles for the new Virginia Squires Matriarch for my personal ark Blank space on calendars Torrential rains […]

City of Callings: Part Ten

The Keeper lead the Stranger along, floating on small hover boards. Some citizens walked. Some had bicycles. They arrived at the Pool of Energy. She stood silent and motioned for him to move forward. The closer he got, the more the water reacted. This energy field of water waited for him, conformed to his needs. […]


Be careful of the year round summer. Humidity without end. Find your pool, your waterfall. Don’t depend on Fall. Dive into your blue. Go deep and soak up the electrolytes. Beware of heat exhaustion. Get your kayak and float. Enjoy the fluidity of the liquidity. Sooth yourself calm. Breathe in the only life you have. […]

City of Callings: Part Nine

They walked to the center of a modern metropolis. The Lost Man wondered how such a large city was hidden from view. There they stood on top of the center of everything, and the city’s flag imprinted on the ground as a marker. Drones and carriers of all kinds floated through the city, blending and […]

City of Callings: Part Eight

The personal fast, the sabbatical, was over. Time to find the Keeper, and explore. He opened his door and stood in the doorway. Stretched. Looked. Took in the geography and the geology. Suddenly the Keeper of the Row appeared from somewhere. Nowhere. She didn’t speak, there was only a motion. He followed her.